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MPs Sign Letter Calling for Government Support

Clive Lewis MP and other four MPs are calling upon the Government for an emergency funding package for regional theatres.


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Clive Lewis MP and other four MPs from Birmingham, Canterbury, Newcastle, and Southampton are calling upon the Government for an emergency funding package in order for regional theatres to recover from closure due to Covid-19.

Clive Lewis MP, Norwich South, said: “Theatre Royal and Playhouse are iconic Norwich institutions and, like all of our arts and culture institutions, are vital presences in our city. Our venues are in jeopardy now because the government won’t acknowledge their value and importance to our regional cities. The government also must recognise the extreme risk they face due to the specific nature of their operations and fix the unfair and illogical distribution of public financial support. That’s why I’m working with my colleagues across the country to stand up with our constituency venues and demand the government increases the support it is offering straightaway.”

Stephen Crocker, Norwich Theatre Chief Executive, said: “As large parts of the rest of economy work towards re-opening, theatres and venues remain without a plan or timescale for when proper re-opening might be possible. Our business models don’t work without live performances and our futures are at risk whilst we continue to face open-ended closure. Our call to the government now needs to get louder and I am hugely grateful to our MP, Clive Lewis, for leading the way with colleagues around the country to call for more affirmative and interventional action for venues like ours.”

Below is the letter sent to Caroline Dinenage MP, Minister for Digital and Culture.