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A Statement from Our Chief Executive

In Response to the Government’s Arts & Culture Investment Announcement


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A statement from our Chief Executive Stephen Crocker following the latest announcement from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport –

“I am really pleased and hugely grateful that the government has acknowledged the devastation Coronavirus has caused to our sector and responded with affirmative action. This is a very good first step towards securing the future of our nation’s arts and culture.

I hope that we will be able to receive the details of how these funds will be apportioned and distributed across the sector as soon as possible. I also hope that this will recognise the vibrancy and importance of arts and culture in regional cities like ours, specific needs on a region-by-region basis and also allow for fast and localised distribution.

Whilst I welcome this announcement, my call for a detailed re-opening plan for venues still stands as this is an issue that is also critical for us in terms of longer-term planning.”