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In a series of market tours, open mornings, online surveys and a number of creative sessions and workshops, we have been asking our audiences, visitors, participants and importantly, people in communities around Norfolk who may have never been to a theatre before, to help shape our Creative Strategy for the future so that it can better reflect the communities in Norfolk.

We are asking people to share what stories they want to tell or hear in performances; what themes are relevant and important to them; and how Norwich Theatre can help provide opportunities for a more inclusive creative future.

We are running engagement events to connect with people across the county to explore who might be in the audiences of the future if barriers such as travel, finances or perceived notions around stereotypes could be removed.

We have invited specialist groups to participate, including Norwich Age UK, MIND, St Martin’s Housing, East Norfolk Sixth Form College, Norwich City of Sanctuary, Deaf Connexions and New Routes to be as inclusive as possible.

Stephen Crocker, CEO and Creative Director of Norwich Theatre said: “I truly believe that our Creative Community Inquiry is likely to be one of the most important pieces of work we have ever undertaken. The inquiry represents our passionate belief that we should do all we can to ensure that our reach is wider and our impact deeper in a post-pandemic world. Through conversations, creative activities and workshops we will be able to include the wide breadth of local knowledge, skills and lived experiences of the people in Norfolk within our plans for our future.”

Michael Newey, Chairman of Norwich Theatre said: “By listening to individuals and groups, we will be able to co-create a future built upon inclusivity, partnerships and collaborations. Building on the success of our Digital Stage events during lockdown and the shift in perception of just how important culture is to us all, we truly believe this is the right approach to not only engage and inspire people, but to do our best to help people prosper through creative experiences.”

David Fullman, Trustee of Norwich Theatre said: “Norwich Theatre is the place to have fun, meet people, try new creative experiences and the place to understand more about society and prominent issues. We are committed to ensuring all that we do is relevant, impactful and welcoming and we hope you will support that by participating in this inquiry to help shape the future of Norwich Theatre.”

The Creative Inquiry runs until Friday 19 November. To join in, click here to see the full range of activities and sessions taking place, or click here to take our online survey today.