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Revolution down Animal Farm!

Norwich Theatre Royal will play host to the revolution in the new adaptation of the word famous fable Animal Farm on 8 – 12 March.


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When you think Animal Farm, you’re immediately transported to a bleak landscape of the Russian Revolution and its aftermath. However, this George Orwell classic has been reimaged by an award-winning creative team and transported to the modern-day for a dynamic and daring take on this timeless story. This new take is relatable and politically thought-provoking and will feel more connected to the world of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

Children’s Theatre Partnership (CTP) creates bold and imaginative theatre for young people, engaging new audiences and inspiring a life-long love of theatre. Suitable for ages 11 and up, this story is adapted to engage and identify with even the youngest audience members.

Animal Farm is directed by Robert Icke, whose version of 1984 co-adapted and directed with Duncan Macmillan was a smash-hit in the West End and on Broadway. It also features puppetry designed by Toby Olié, whose credits include War Horse and designed by four-time Olivier Award winner Bunny Christie.

You’ll be amazed by the puppetry bringing the characters on the farm to life. These lifelike puppets draw the audience in. However, it wouldn’t be Animal Farm without dramatic scenes where the animals get in perilous trouble; as this adaptation is designed for children, these dramatic scenes are designed to feel like video games!

This production is an excellent opportunity for students studying English, Drama, Politics, and History. Whilst offering a great educational opportunity, those looking for quality drama will not be disappointed with this stunning piece of theatre.