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Dreamgirls – An interview with Paige Peddie

In this final instalment, we chatted to Paige Peddie, who is playing Lorrell Robinson in the Dreamgirls UK Tour.


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We are living the dream with our three-part series interviewing the Dreamgirls. In this final instalment, we chatted to Paige Peddie, who is playing Lorrell Robinson. About dreaming big, becoming a role model and not taking yourself too seriously. 

How have rehearsals been for Dreamgirls and getting back on stage?  

It’s been amazing to come back, it’s been a long time. The anticipation was real. So, I’ve just been enjoying being back in a community of people doing what I love to do. It’s been amazing seeing the show come together. 

What’s it like being in such a well-loved and inspirational musical?  

It’s huge, this is one of my dream shows to be a part of. I remember watching the film and the impact it had on me as a young girl to see women who looked like me looking so beautiful and glamorous and succeeding despite things being stacked against them. So to be a part of that now and stepping into the shoes of all the amazing people that have done these roles before is incredible. 

What’s it been like knowing you are now going to be a role model?  

That’s amazing to me, I’m from Nottingham originally. I wasn’t surrounded by West End theatres, it’s incredible to me to step into this role and be a role model for other people. It’s a thing sometimes where if you see it, it feels like you can do it. I guess that’s the importance of the tour, going to the cities where not everyone can afford to take a trip to the West End. 

What are your highlights from the film adaptation of Dreamgirls 

I love the song ‘I Love You I Do’  in the movie which is not in the musical, I love that song. One of my favourite moments is when the girls first meet Jimmy and he has this big production and they are on the road. Also ‘ Family’, I think that song is really beautiful, the harmonies and the togetherness.  

Is there anything you have learned from your character Lorrell?  

She wears her heart on her sleeves, when she’s thinking something she says it out loud. She has this joyful childlikeness about her. But also she can stand up for herself at the same time. So playing her naturally you have to be confident, and show off a little more than you would. So it’s allowing me to just be bold, kooky and funny and not take myself too seriously.  

What are you most looking forward to going on tour?  

Definitely my home town. It’s going to Nottingham Theatre Royal so I can’t wait for that, loads of my family and friends want to come down. Also when we go to Ireland, I’ve never been so I’m really looking forward to that. But just in general, I’m looking forward to the different audiences – they’re going to be different depending on where you are and they will react to things differently.  

What do you want audiences to take away from the show?  

Just being able to dream – dream big. That family aspect, keep hold of your nearest and dearest. Just to forget about everything else that is going on in life and to just enjoy the moment.  

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