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Frantic Assembly - Ignition

Frantic Ignition is BACK! We’re joining forces with Frantic Assembly to bring Ignition to Norwich Theatre Stage Two.


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We are excited to announce that we will partner with Frantic Assembly this year on their free flagship talent development programme, Ignition. The programme will be in Frantic Assembly’s unique style and will feature a blend of physical theatre, dance and movement.  

What is Ignition? 

Ignition is Frantic Assembly’s free, nationwide talent development programme, seeking out underrepresented talent in unexpected places. Now open to all young people aged 16-24. 

How does it work? 

This Autumn, Frantic Assembly will be travelling across the UK to deliver free taster and trial workshops with their 11 regional partners, including here at Norwich Theatre.  

Frantic Ignition high-energy taster and trial workshops are facilitated for young people who face barriers to accessing the arts; visiting both theatre and non-theatre spaces to let young people know that the arts can be for them.  They will then select 24 young people to join them in London during the last week of October to devise and perform two original productions at Brixton House Theatre.  

When are the taster and trail sessions in Norwich? 

Frantic Assembly will hold taster and trial sessions at Stage Two on the 8 Oct for the taster sessions. The trial workshops will be held on 15 Oct. 

Frantic Assembly recommends joining both the taster session and the trial workshop; however, attending both taster and trial sessions is optional. 

How long are the tasters and trials? 

Tasters are 90 minutes. Trials are 120 minutes. 

What should I wear? 

Both tasters and trials are movement based. You should wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes/trainers suitable for exercise. Please do not wear skirts, jeans, or jewellery. 

How do I apply for the taster session? 

You can apply by filling in the below Eventbrite links for the time slot you would like to attend the taster/trial. 

Sat 8 Oct (Tasters) – Norwich Theatre Stage Two



Sat 15 Oct (Trials) – Norwich Theatre Stage Two



About the Ignition intensive week
The 24 young people will join Frantic Ignition in London for an intensive week of devising through the Frantic Method to create two public original productions at Brixton House. 
All expense aspects of the intensive week are paid for by Frantic Assembly.