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On the Pink Carpet at The Trocks

The Trocks performance is engaging and has you on the edge of your seat with a smile on your face watching a symphony of perfectly timed mistakes.


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On Tue 8 Sep, we visited the Peacock Theatre in London for the opening night of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo ahead of it going on tour.

From capturing moments backstage to speaking to stars on the pink carpet, we got a real insight into the work and technical process these ballet dancers have to endure.

 “A lot of us in the company come from super strict classical ballet schools, and we are always told to be serious on stage, present, and royal when it comes to ballet. So it’s really interesting for us to be able to not only show our technique but also doing it in a female role alongside the comedy,” said Kevin Garcia, a dancer with The Trocks.

Alex Rimell - Norwich Theatre
Trocks Dancer - Photo by Allie McDermott Brown

Kevin explained, what makes The Trocks’ performance so interesting for both dancers and the audience:

“I think it’s three things that make the show, and it is interesting as dancers. Not only do we show our technique, but we explore our actor/actresses personas, and incorporate all this like femininity that as male dancers is not that common.”

The show has an extensive repertoire, including Swan Lake, which has to be our highlight of the opening night. The comedic timing was slick and tight, and each character was so engaging to watch. There was technically impressive dancing from Swan Queen when she graced the stage! Cries of laughter erupted from the auditorium, especially when the sorcerer pulled a swan on wheels across the stage! It’s fair to say this show had a perfect balance of dance and comedy.

Speaking on the Pink Carpet with Strictly’s Dr Ranj said:

“The fact that this has got a mix of everything, ballet, comedy, artistry. I can’t wait to see what they have in store!”

What you realise with the Trocks is that they create an atmosphere of amusement that you’re always waiting for the next gag with bubbling anticipation of excitement. So whether you’re into comedy or a lover of dance, or just want to celebrate drag culture, don’t miss The Trocks when they are in Norwich!

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo is at Norwich Theatre Royal from Fri 30 Sep – Sat 1 Oct 22 

Dr Ranj Singh