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Getting to Know You! Norfolk Constabulary Sports and Social Club

Norfolk Constabulary Sports and Social Club discusses why they joined Norwich Theatre’s creative community and what they are looking forward to in the coming year.


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The Norfolk Constabulary Sports and Social Club is a Corporate Member of Norwich Theatre. Our Business Development & Events Coordinator, Lauren Farley chatted to Alison Burgess from the organisation to find out why they joined Norwich Theatre’s corporate community and what they are most looking forward to!  

Tell us about your company and the work you do. 

The  Norfolk Constabulary Sports and Social Club provides a wide range of social and sporting opportunities for its members who comprise police officers, police staff, special constabulary and retired colleagues. 

I was in the RAF and joined the police after leaving to have children. I love it because it is still around structure and like a big family. Like most companies, everyone is just there for each other, which is really nice. It is a place where you fit in, and everyone knows what they are doing. It is brilliant.  

My role within the social club side is making all the bookings here, trying to make and book varied shows. However, it is very easy to book varied shows because there is really something for everyone and we then offer those out to all of our members. 

It could be that the Police Officer is the member, but they might not come to the theatre show. They might have to work a night shift, which they often have to do. So, they are allowing their partner, children or whatever to have a night here while they are at work and it just allows a lot more family time with or without the employee to come here. 

Many bigger shows are over a couple of weeks, so we can always book weekends and days to ensure everyone can come and see a show.  

Why did your company decide to be a corporate member? 

We have been corporate members at Norwich Theatre for a long time.  We have this amazing theatre in the heart of our county – why wouldn’t we use it? There is so much variation here. Whether you have kids, are retired, or love dance, drama or horror, whatever it is, it is all here. So why not?  

Why is it important to support the local arts community? 

Arts and theatre give you a moment away from whatever pressures are in your life, your stresses, your worries, and your concerns.  

Whether listening to a piece of music or watching a play, you are there in that moment and nothing else, just your sheer enjoyment. When you have someone singing a solo song on the stage, and you get goosebumps over your body, that feeling stays with you forever. Those little moments that theatre gives can help you through the darker, rougher times of your life. 

Why is it important for your staff to access creative wellbeing? 

For the staff, it is that expression. The people that we work for do a damn hard job and it is sometimes some really awful stuff, which can impact their mental health, and it can impact their family’s mental health. They deal with some awful stuff that could break the strongest of people.  

To have a creative outlet somewhere to express and deal with their emotions and stress and deal with things differently gives them a new way of thinking. The theatre is a really good outlet just to let a bit of that pressure out and help you look at things differently. 

What is your favourite show you have seen so far? 

Oh my word, how can you pick one?! For me, it is going to have to be Six. As soon as that show finished, I wanted to sit down and have it start again. It is coming back in May, and I just cannot wait! 

It was just this massive amount of music, light, colour, and energy that just smacked you in the face from the moment it started and left you feeling drained and wanting more in the end. 

What are you looking forward to? 

I am looking forward to The SpongeBob Musical. I must say, when I saw that in the advert, I nearly screamed out loud. I love SpongeBob! I don’t know what it is about the character. He is just a happy-go-lucky sponge that cooks burgers. Why do you not want to have that wonderful happy life? So to see it on the stage – I can’t wait.