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7 Reasons to see the Opera

World-renowned opera company, Glyndebourne, will soon be visiting Norwich Theatre. Here are 7 reasons why you should come and see them!


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Norwich Theatre will soon be hosting an exciting array of operas performed by world-renowned Glyndebourne, from Parisian tales of poverty woven with romance to epic Spanish comedies. Whether you have seen an opera or not, here are the reasons why you should give opera a chance. 

Opera is for everyone!

It’s time to end the opera stereotypes of a black-tie clad audience and stuffy singing. Opera is for the people. There are many different genres of opera, meaning it is perfect for all generations of the family or even a date night. Dressing up is never mandatory though it can be fun! Don’t miss Puccini’s La bohème at Norwich Theatre Royal which is a perfect opera for those who have never seen one before. 


Opera is the expert of unique storytelling. You don’t need to know Italian to understand the plot. Opera is a feast for the eyes with beautiful visual artistry. The set and costume design are masterfully put together, instantly transporting you into a different location or time period. 

 Experts in the craft

Known as the most difficult singing style to master, opera singers have unparalleled vocals. Often, microphones aren’t used and singers rely on the sheer power of their voice, amplifying the words over the sound of the orchestra. This element creates a powerful feel, leaving you astounded at the vocal gymnastics on display. 

Culture and history

Opera has played an integral part in culture and history across the globe for over 400 years. Originally, composers used opera as an entertaining method of storytelling, portraying politics and depicting social issues. Today, opera still gives us the opportunity to question our cultural history and open discussion on current affairs.  


Experiencing an operatic show is simply unmatched. Glyndebourne’s glass human at Norwich Theatre Stage Two has a very intimate atmosphere, featuring seven Norfolk-based residents alongside world-class opera singers. The smaller venue connects the audience and together you experience the highs and lows of opera narrative, exploring the themes of connection and loneliness in contemporary society. Be prepared to witness human expression at its finest. 

Musical and movie fans

Opera is a living art form that combines song, dance, and acting. Fans of musicals and movies will be astonished, think of Les Misérables with more vocal power and less French rebellion. However, opera isn’t limited to one genre. From crime to laugh-out-loud comedy, opera delivers it all. Catch the great comedy The Marriage of Figaro at Norwich Theatre Royal for some guaranteed laughs.  

Why not?

Opera is a tradition that has persevered for hundreds of years and it’s still thriving! Why not try something new and come and see a production? Bring your family and friends for a unique and thrilling day out! 

Glyndebourne are at Norwich Theatre between 15 – 19 November. Don’t miss Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, Puccini’s La bohème, Mozart’s Requiem and glass human.