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Theatre of Possibility – using creativity to boost confidence in children

Norwich Theatre fosters creativity and builds confidence among young people through Theatre of Possibility scheme.


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Fostering creativity and building confidence and friendships among young people across Norfolk is what Norwich Theatre’s scheme, Theatre of Possibility, is all about. The programme works with often underrepresented children who may face challenges daily and often feel isolated or anxious as a result. 

Creativity in any form is a powerful tool as it offers a space to express feelings, find a sense of play and connect to a community. Theatre of Possibility practitioner Natalya Martin-Owen, who recently held a taster session, said, “Getting creative not only is fun and brings us joy, but it allows us to think big, be curious and make friendships. Creativity permits us to take risks, try new things and opens us up to whole new worlds we could only imagine.” 

Constraints on the curriculum mean that formal education does not often allow for different ways of expression. Disabled young people face further additional barriers. Norwich Theatre’s scheme, Theatre of Possibility seeks to address this balance and offer creativity and drama workshops for those who need it most. 

Speaking about the programme Elspeth Hunter, Creative Engagement Project Manager, said: “At Norwich Theatre we believe that theatre has the power to support positive change and significantly boost people’s wellbeing. Theatre provides a safe space for people to have fun and explore their creativity.  

The Theatre of Possibility programme will adapt to where the need is greatest for example young carers, autistic children or refugees. The workshops will be tailored to each individuals group needs but will always offer fun and creativity at its core.” 

The theatre provides interactive workshops that use playful drama games and theatre skills to enable children to work together and inspire creativity in an inclusive, friendly and supportive space. Natalya explains: “We hope children come away from each session feeling empowered and curious about the world and feel a little more confident in their day-to-day life.” 

A full programme of Theatre of Possibility, this time supporting autistic children, will commence in the New Year. If you know a budding writer, performer or creative who would like to get involved, email