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UK Charity Week 2022

Find out about Norwich Theatre’s own charitable objectives and fundraising on UK Charity Week 2022


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UK Charity Week (or #UKCharityWeek) is an annual charity campaign designed to place awareness and fundraising for charities high on the national agenda. We are taking the opportunity this week to talk about some of our own charitable objectives and fundraising.

Norwich Theatre is a charity

Many people in Norfolk may not be aware that Norwich Theatre is actually a charity. Our Core Purpose is to provide Creative Experiences and our Vision is to make all of those creative experiences have wide reaching positive impact. These experiences include our Take Part activities and sessions, from movement and music for babies and toddlers to Ballet for over 50s and a huge range of events in between.

It includes our work with underrepresented communities, such as refugees; schools and groups activities with national partners including the Royal Shakespeare Company; and sessions tailored for those with additional needs.

And it includes our work on Diversity and Inclusivity, with young cultural leaders, the creatives advisory group and with Global Majority communities.

Our Mission

We provide creative experiences, rooted in the art of performance and secure in our sense of place, which generate positive impact for all people and inspire prosperity in all its forms.

We need your support

As a registered charity, we rely on the generous support of our audiences, Friends, supporters, charitable foundations and on our commercial activities to help us make our creative experiences have wide reaching positive impact.

We receive no regular revenue funding from any public sources and so it is thanks to our supporters that we are able to offer our Creative Engagement programme.

Our Valuable Volunteers

Volunteers play a very important part in the success of Norwich Theatre and we hugely value their support and commitment.

As well as helping our audiences coming to enjoy the performances, our volunteers are wonderful ambassadors for the charity, inspiring and enthusing others and are often the public face of Norwich Theatre.

Our Trustees are Volunteers Too

We are governed by a board of trustees who are responsible for ensuring we are effectively managed. They bring their skills and experience to support, advise and help us achieve our vision. All our trustees are volunteers and give their time and expertise for free, and we are hugely appreciative of their involvement.

Annual Christmas Appeal

Every year we run a Christmas Appeal to support a specific project which we know will have huge impact. This year we are raising money to provide creative opportunities to children who need them most as part of Theatre of Possibility.

This is a programme dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of young people who are experiencing severe challenges in their life and who often feel isolated or anxious as a result. It provides an accessible and inclusive place where children can become valuable members of a creative community, exploring their creativity with their peers.

All money raised this Christmas goes to ensuring we can continue to provide the Theatre of Possibility for children who may be affected by isolation, homelessness, neglect, abuse or poverty, or those who have faced challenges in their lives such as serious illness, disabilities and trauma.

Registered Charity No. 262259

During UK Charity Week we extend our thanks and appreciation to all our supporters, donors, Friends and volunteers for all of their support. THANK YOU!

Theatre of Possibility – using creativity to boost confidence in children