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An acrobat is balancing on the character Scrooge's head. Others are watching on in delight.

Co-Creating Our Future

Norwich Theatre is committed to ensuring all that we do is relevant, impactful and welcoming. We are arts led and audience focused, committed to expanding our reach and addressing the barriers that prevent people from creating, enjoying and taking part in the arts. Interconnected and interdependent upon all who visit us, we continuously work hard to create an inclusive environment which values and respects the creativity of all our visitors.

We ensure the meaningful engagement of a wide breadth of knowledge, skills and lived experiences within our plans for our future. By engaging with audiences, participants, artists, communities and organisations in this manner, we are co-creating a future which is bold, brave, thoughtful and imaginative.

Norwich Theatre is a member of the national Co-Creating Change network, exploring the role which artists, cultural organisations and communities can play to co-create change together around the UK and beyond.