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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Diversity and Inclusion are a core part of who we are and what we do. We recognise that there are both seen and unseen differences in us all, and we value these differences so that each person is treated and valued as a unique individual.

We continually strive to ensure we create and sustain an inclusive environment for our Workforce, Visiting Companies & Artists and also for our Visitors.

Our aim is;

  • To maximise the potential of all individuals who work for us and participate in our activities.
  • For everyone to feel respected, have a positive experience, be able to give their best and be themselves.

Our facilities and services are accessible to everyone and we will continue to develop our policies and processes to increase awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion amongst our workforce and all individuals we engage with.

Whenever a barrier to participation is identified, whether it be a barrier to employment, taking part in an activity, or attending a performance, as far as possible, adjustments are made to accommodate and reduce those barriers.

Everyone who works or volunteers for us has a responsibility to welcome audiences and participants without prejudice.

We have a Zero Tolerance approach to any form of abuse within our organisation. Everyone who works or volunteers has a right to work and use our facilities in an inclusive environment, free from discrimination and bullying.


Stephen Crocker, Chief Executive
(on behalf of the Trustees of Norwich Theatre)

Reviewed 19 Feb 2020