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Kinky Boots text in red and glittery text on a white background. The K of kinky is designed using a pair of long boots, bent in a K shape. Text above main title reads NNOS presents.

Musical with Heart and Sole coming to Norwich Theatre Royal

Raise your spirits higher than any stiletto with Norwich and Norfolk’s Operatic Society’s production of Kinky Boots.


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Norwich and Norfolk Operatic Society (NNOS) are sure to raise your spirits higher than any stiletto or platform with their 2023 production of Kinky Boots. 

This uplifting musical heads to Norwich Theatre Royal stage from 31 Jan – 4 Feb 23. With a talented cast and live band, this new show follows in the footsteps of NNOS’ successful production, The Sound of Music, in 2022. 

Kinky Boots is a fierce, fearless and fabulous musical that sees a struggling shoe factory embark on the production of ‘kinky boots’ for drag queens to save its future. With uplifting music written by pop superstar Cyndi Lauper, be prepared for some hilarious comedy, stunning dance numbers and a true story full of heart and sole. 

Akeem Ellis-Hyman, who has previously been to Norwich Theatre Royal with the touring production of Hairspray the musical will play drag queen Lola. NNOS star Dominic Sands will play the role of Charlie Price. Joining them is Kathryn White (Nicola), Emmie Wright (Lauren) and Alex Green (Don). 

Chris Cuming, Director and Choreographer of the show, said: “Norwich has become a second home, and after doing Jack and the Beanstalk with the wonderful Joe Tracini, it’s great to be doing Kinky Boots, another show with a powerful message and one that means a lot to me personally. The finale song is called “Just Be”, and that’s what we want everyone to be: themselves.  

“We’re living through a very fast-moving dynamic time where we rarely stop and celebrate who we are as individuals, and I hope with this new production of Kinky Boots we allow you to have a great night entertainment but also open your mind, because as the motto of the show goes: you change the world when you change your mind.” 

Akeem Ellis Hyman, who is excited to play the role of Lola, said: “This musical is an important piece of theatre because it talks about inclusivity. It’s a beautiful story of accepting and loving yourself and being your most authentic self. It’s allowing me to navigate my own identity and explore my feminine side, which I don’t often get to do! Drag reveals a part of yourself you never knew you had. Audiences coming to Kinky Boots will be blown away. They’ll see a beautiful spectacle of colour, vibrance and amazing choreography. They’ll see a story that has meaning and which will broaden their minds and keep the message of acceptance and love alive.” 

Speaking about the show Dominic Sands, said: “Extravagance, saucy humour and show-stopping numbers are just some of the wondrous things you can expect from Kinky Boots! Whether you want to sashay, shed a tear or have fun, this show has something for everyone. 

“Kinky Boots has so much depth in the story and character’s journeys, which give the platform to highlight many important topics, including inclusivity, mental health, confronting change, challenging your way of thinking and so much more. That’s what appealed to me the most! 

“It’s been such an honour working with the many creative, talented individuals that have come together to make this show something truly wonderful, relevant and a spectacle to boot!” 

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