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A group of actors performing in Stage Two

UPDATE 05/01/21 – Following the latest government national lockdown announcement the ‘Silver Stage Series’ has been CANCELLED.

A creative course for those with an interest in theatre and performance. Explore and develop performance skills through exercises, improvisation and text, as well as exploring some theatre techniques.

Silver Stage Series

Silver Stage Company

The Silver Stage Company will further advance your drama and performance technique, whilst working towards small scale productions. Playful and experimental, this company will be experienced theatre practitioners.

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To join Silver Stage Company, participants must be 50+ and have completed at least two terms of Take Part courses.

Dates: Autumn term dates/times to be confirmed. Stage Two (By application only)

Our next production is The Accordion Shop by Cush Jumbo, to be performed in November 2020.

Annual Membership: To join Silver Stage Company there is a membership fee of £20. With this members get reduced rates on day time Limelighters performance skills workshops, two free annual social events, offers to complimentary tickets when possible and access to auditions for two productions per year.

Cost: Members will be charged £135 per term to be part of each production.

For enquiries about the company contact Stage Two reception on 01603 598600, or email