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Actors gathered around a computer screen

New Horizons offers an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people, explore ways young people can respond to the challenges of a post-covid world in relation to the theatre and performance industry.

We are really interested to hear your thoughts and ideas of what the future might look like, so we can work together to co-create activities and opportunities to form an Empirical Company that works for you when we are able to reopen our venues.

11 Jan 2021  The Empirical Company 2021 – conversation, consultation and co-creation

Join us online, or in person at Norwich Playhouse to help us design a theatre company for the future specifically designed for young adults.  What are the roles you want to take? What are these performances about, and who are they for?

25 Jan 2021   Performing in the Future – Practical theatre workshop

Explore ideas for performance activities and stories to be told in the future. Which genres of performance do you enjoy? What are the things you want to say and perform?

To book your place please email