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Better Late Than Never

Part of Mother Earth International

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Better Late Than Never

Available On Demand from 1 - 31 May


This event has passed.

Part of motherEarth international, presented by ThisEgg

It is 2022.

UK. The hottest year on record

Taiwan. The coastline is eroding. 正受侵蝕的海岸線

Ukraine. The landscape is being destroyed by war. Україна. Пейзаж, що руйнується через війну.

Brazil. Endless consumerism is suffocating nature. O consumismo sem fim esta sufocando a Natureza

Argentina. The land is being mined for oil. La tierra está siendo explotada para obtener petróleo.

India. Soil is dying. मिट्टी मर रही है

Mexico. The clean water is being extracted by corporations. El agua potable esta siendo extraída por las corporaciones.

Indonesia. The trees are being hacked down. Pohon-pohon ditebang tanpa perencanaan.

Denmark. Nothing grows where the coal was dumped. Intet vokser, hvor kullet blev dumpet.

This is not a drill.

Better Late than Never is a dance film responding to the climate and ecological emergency. Captured collaboratively across 9 different countries, the film highlights the various emergencies we are facing. Featuring a contrast of breathtaking landscapes and captivating movement from around the world, Better Late than Never invites you to reconnect with the planet we live on and consider our contributions to change.

about motherEarth International

motherEarth International is a British Council Creative Commission for COP27 created by teams across the world (Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan, Mexico, UK, India, Ukraine, Denmark, Indonesia). It currently includes films, podcasts and photography responding to the climate and ecological emergency. ThisEgg have worked alongside University of Cambridge and Cambridge Science Festival to pair creative teams together with a climate researcher local to them. Find out more at or @motherEarth_int on Twitter and Instagram.


about ThisEgg

ThisEgg plays with theatrical form, often celebrating the here and now of a live event. Responding to the world we are living in, ThisEgg invites audiences to ask big questions and imagine into a potentially better future. ThisEgg’s work is firmly rooted in the hope that theatre can be a motivational force for social change. ThisEgg aims to make people feel more connected.

Important information

Running time: 15 mins

Ticket Prices: Pay what you can

Available On Demand from 1 – 31 May

On Sale:
27 Mar
– Gold Friends, corporates and supporters
29 Mar – Friends and Best Friends
31 Mar – General

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