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Odds On

Dante or Die

25 Oct 10:00

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Odds On

25 Oct 2022


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★★★★ “Odds On is an exemplar of the way online theatre has developed in the past few years.” – The Guardian

Following the award-winning video podcast User Not Found, Dante or Die bring you an interactive short film that’ll have you hooked from the start.

Log in to Pearls of Fortune, the online slots game that’s caught us all in its net, give yourself a fun name, pick an adorable avatar, and plunge beneath the waves for a few spins.

Odds On takes you deep down into the world of online gambling; from that first win, all the way behind the screen to give a game’s-eye view of how your fellow players are really doing.

Follow Felicity, a valued customer, and peer beneath the murky depths to see how a cheeky spin can spiral out of control.


Click the Watch button, and follow the prompts to create a username and choose an avatar. Then you’re ready to watch for free. We’d recommend wearing headphones for a really immersive experience. It will also be a much smoother experience if you’re on Wi- Fi.


This film contains gambling (live play, images, sounds & slot simulation) which may be very triggering to people with a gambling addiction or who are in recovery. If slot machine simulation will be triggering to you, please contact, who will send you a non-interactive version of Odds On.

Writers & Directors: Daphna Attias & Terry O’Donovan

Animation Director & Editor: John Brannoch

Felicity: Fiona Watson

Important information

Ticket prices: Free

Running time: 40 mins

Age recommendation: 14+ - Discusses themes of gambling addiction.

Available from: 25 Oct 22, 10am

Available until: 1 Nov 22, 10pm