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Sofa Dance

05 Jun

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Sofa Dance

05 Jun 2021


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Join Mimbre’s acrobats for a family movement session, using each other for support and your sofa as a crashmat to explore some fun movement and adventurous shapes!

Suitable for all ages and levels, the session will make slouching on the sofa into an art form. You’ll find your own moves and grooves, balance some acrobatic shapes with the help of the armrests and have a Zoom collective dance off with other sofa slouchers!

At the end of the workshop you can choose to create your own Sofa Dance to share with family and friends.

After the workshop, if you feel like recording and publishing your own video online, do add #MySofaDance and tag @mimreacrobats and @norwichtheatreroyal, so we can enjoy it too!

Mimbre is an acrobatic theatre company fusing acrobatics, dance and humour to create visual poetry in unconventional spaces.

Important information

Workshops will be delivered online via ZOOM. Participants will be contacted via email with a link to the session.

What you will need for the workshop:

  • suitable clothes or sportswear to dance and work in
  • some water prepared (to drink)
  • we also ask everyone to please be aware of their surroundings and if possible shift coffee tables with sharp corners or any lamps or other breakables further away. This is so you can show us your fantastic moves without worrying that you will bump into something.
  • if possible please set up the screen of the device you are signing in from to be angled so we can see you to give you feedback! This is a really helpful step.
  • the pièce de résistance: your sofa (or armchair or bed)


The Sofa Dance is a short film commissioned as part of BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine: Filmed in Lockdown, where 30 acrobats physicalise the shared exhaustion, frustration and complications of living within drastically limited space, creating absurdity and beauty while stuck on their sofas.

Creative Team

Directors: Arthur Le Fol and Lina Johansson

Music: “Just a Place” by Underground System. Written by Peter Matson and Domenica Fossati

Performers: Alison Halstead, Anesta Mathurin, Arielle Lauzon, Charmaine Childs, Emily Nicholl, Farrell Cox, Fiona Thornhill, Freya Stokka, Jackie Le, Jessica Ladley, Joana Dias, Julia Cheng, Karin Melin, Lina Johansson, Lisa Whitmore Lissy Lovett, Lucie Maisha N’Duhirahe, Lynn Scott, Maiya Leeke, Natasha Khamjani, Nikki Hill, Rachel Baird, Rebecca Solomon, Rebecca Rennison, Rebecka Nord, Reece Lyons, Rosy Roberts, Ruby Gaskell, Silvia Fratelli, Sophie Northmore

Supported by: Sadler’s Wells and The Space, commissioned for Culture in Quarantine by BBC Arts and Arts Council England.