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7 Shows That Will Get Your Toes Tapping!

Come along to these must-see music shows at Norwich Theatre this Spring!


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There’s always something to celebrate here at Norwich Theatre, whether it’s a hilarious comedy, a heart-wrenching drama, or a lovable musical…  

This time, we’re celebrating music in every shape and form!  

Jonny & The Baptists | 22 – 23 Mar | Playhouse 

Are you looking for a bit of music mixed with comedy? 

Starting at the end of the month we have a duo of award-winning musical comedians, Jonny & The Baptists! Get ready for a double performance, starting with the Happiness Index and finishing with Ten Thankless Years; presenting their greatest hits! 

The Big Chris Barber Band | 28 Mar | Playhouse 

In the mood for a night of classic jazz from one of Britain’s finest jazz musicians? 

In honour of the late Chris Barber, The Big Chris Barber Band are touring, performing a selection from Barber’s repertoire. With more than 70 years of history, The Big Chris Barber Band is here to show off their classics as well as many other genres they’ve explored over the years. 

The Pasadena Roof Orchestra | 28 Apr | Playhouse 

The breathtaking Pasadena Roof Orchestra, now touring for more than 55 years, is returning to the UK on tour and, best of all, they’re coming to perform in Norwich! Recreating melodies from the great American Songbook composers such as Irving Berlin and George Gershwin, The Pasadena Roof Orchestra is the perfect night for you!  

Rush – A Joyous Jamaican Journey | 30 May | Royal 

How did Reggae and the Windrush Generation take the world by storm? 

A narrated musical that explores the story of the Windrush Generation and Reggae. With music from Desmond Dekker, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Millie Small and many more. 

A Century of Swing | 12 Jun | Playhouse 

Regularly found in jazz clubs throughout the UK and abroad, Down for the Count bring the good vibes of jazz to Norwich as they celebrate A Century of Swing. 

The Simon & Garfunkel Story | 20 Jun | Playhouse 

The international hit show comes to Norwich, with original film footage, old photos and, of course, a full live performance! The Simon & Garfunkel story isn’t something you want to miss out on. 

The Kindness Choir | 09 Apr | Royal 

What better way to celebrate music than taking part in it yourself? 

A family sing-along that celebrates the voices from across generations! The Kindness Choir is an opportunity for families to come together and learn some familiar musical songs. It’s the perfect chance for you and your family to sing and dance to some joyful classics. 

If you’re a big fan of music, why not sign up to become a Friend? With so many shows to choose from, you can make good use of the Friends benefits such as priority booking and ticket discount! 

To book or to find out more, visit or call the Box Office at 01603 630 000.

Written by Harriet Smith, UEA Work Experience Student