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As the largest arts organisation in the region, we are aware of our role in trying to minimise our impact on the environment and the importance of championing/influencing change. We recognise the need to embed environmental awareness across all our departments to ensure we can continue to work for generations of artists/performers and audiences to come.

We have worked closely with creative environmental charity Julie’s Bicycle to develop and implement a carbon and energy reduction programme across our three venues.

Since recording our data in 08/09 we have reduced our carbon footprint by over 70% in some areas:

  • 76% energy per performance

  • 79% of waste is now recycled and doesn’t go to landfill

  • 50% reduction in gas and electricity use over the last two years

  • Reduction in our water usage

Theatre Royal

Won the Improvement Award at the 2019 Creative Green Awards for our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment over the last ten years.

Theatre Royal was also awarded a 5 Star Creative Green Certification from Julies Bicycle for the 9th year running in recognition of its commitment to managing its carbon and improving its environmental impacts.

Creative Green certification is developed by Julie’s Bicycle for music, theatre and the wider creative industries. By achieving Creative Green certification, Norwich Theatre is joining the UK creative industry’s response to climate change and environmental sustainability.

Our key strengths from the award included:

  • Our exceptional commitment to sustainability within management and staff
  • Measuring our environmental impact beyond the Creative Green scope
  • Achieving brilliant results in the reduction of our carbon emissions
  • Our excellent engagement measures with staff and audiences