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Children & Families

Music & Movement for Babies and Toddlers

9 Sep – 18 Nov | £70 | 18 Months – 4 years

Music and movement are critical for children’s early brain development. Why not come and join our creative, multi sensory,  movement sessions inspired by some of our shows.

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Creating Through Motherhood: Writing

7 Sep – 5 Oct | £35 | 18+

The journey of motherhood is a personal one, and creative expression can help us process the beautiful, joyful and challenging stages of being a mum. These sessions will provide you with ideas on how to express yourself through writing.

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Creating Through Motherhood: Making

12 Oct – 9 Nov |  £35 | 18+

Together, we will make a series of zines, mini books and one-off publications which focus on experiences of motherhood. As a collective of story tellers and illustrators, you will work together to combine word and image in response.

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Family Choir with Come and Sing

1 Oct | £5 | All ages

A chance for families of all shapes and sizes to come together and sing familiar musical tunes and modern pop classics. A joyful shared experience with your children or grandchildren!

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