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A chat with Faye Tozer!

From Steps to supervillain, we chat to 101 Dalmatian’s Faye Tozer about her transition from upbeat pop songs to her latest role as puppy-hating fashionista Cruella De Vil!


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We sat down with one-fifth of Steps, Faye Tozer, about her transition from upbeat pop songs to her latest role as puppy-hating fashionista Cruella De Vil in the musical 101 Dalmatians and if there is anything left on her Steps bucket list. 

Are you looking forward to playing the iconic villainess? 

We did a photo shoot, and I had a really fun day getting dressed up as Cruella. I did feel like I looked a little bit like Michelle Visage. I think that is going to be a really fun process. I’ve played an Evil Queen in panto a couple of times, and so I feel like it’s going to go that way. 

Are you a dog lover? 

I am a huge dog lover, unlike my character. I have two rescues, Lelu and Korben. One of the draws of the job is that they’re going to be touring with a real-life Dalmatian puppy, who will have a cameo in the show. 

Whilst you are known for Steps, you have had a long, successful musical theatre career. 

I have been in a whole range of shows but a real turning point for me was when I played Lina Lamont in Singin’ in the Rain. It brought me so much joy, and the reviews were fantastic. I think it was me letting down my guard and saying ‘I am allowed to be here’ and proving lots of people wrong. It’s given me the strength and confidence to go for more exciting character roles and not just your princess, or fairy godmother. 

We can’t not ask you about Steps. You have been together on and off for a remarkable 27 years did you think you would last that long? 

To be honest, when we did the audition to get into the band, it was a one single deal, and I think we were all thinking about what the next job was going to be after that. I think before, everybody was closet Steps fans, and they didn’t shout about it, but now we’re over that hurdle; it’s just amazing to have so many people want to write songs for us, whereas they wouldn’t have touched us with a barge pole back in the 1990s. 

With four number 1 albums and 14 top 10 singles to their name, there’s not you haven’t achieved with the band. Is there anything left on the bucket list? 

To play Glastonbury. That’s one I would really like to do, but you have to be invited, so we’re waiting for our invite!  

So what next for you? 

Now is a really exciting era for me because you get a sticky patch [with casting] in your 30s and early 40s, I think, but for females of my age, there are more interesting character roles to do. 

What about Steps? Can fans expect something? 

The musical this year has been such a wonderful project to have, and we’ve chosen to take a little bit of time out for ourselves, which is important because it keeps us inspired, but we’ve got a few more tours in us yet. We still have such an incredible fan base, so we’ll keep doing more while we still feel fresh and good about it!” Here’s hoping for another 27 years.  

Faye is playing Cruella De Vil at Norwich Theatre Royal between 9 – 13 Jul. For more information or to book visit or call the Box Office on 01603 630 000. 

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