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A Royal Interview with the Prince of Sleeping Beauty

We sat down with the Prince of Sleeping Beauty, the Fairy’s Tale Karl Queensborough, to talk about the show and role.


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He let us in on his secret to unwinding after a day of rehearsals and shows and his love for all things Christmas.   

Tell us a bit about you. 

Hi, I am an actor and occasional singer. I have literally just finished playing Hamilton in the West End. I have been acting professionally for about 14 -15 years and I do a bit of writing as well. 

How did you start your career? 

When people ask me why I wanted to be an actor, I always say I remember being 10 years old and watching the first Harry Potter film, and I was transfixed by that magical world, and I wanted to do what they were doing.  

I did drama for GCSE and then went to college, and I really had the bug then and decided to do youth theatre to get a bit of experience and confidence. I got an agent, luckily, and went to drama school for three years.  

What do you like most about your job? 

I like how it makes other people feel. Especially if you talk to people after the theatre or after a show or even if you have been on TV and film and people say that piece really affected me or I was having a bad day, and that made me feel better. Also, the buzz and the energy from the audience are what make live theatre so exciting. When you step out on that stage, you can see people are really up for having a good time.  

How do you unwind after a hard day? 

After a show – especially something like Hamilton, which is two and a half hours of craziness, rapping and dancing – I am a big fan of meditation. I don’t leave the building straight away; I get out of costume, relax a bit, and meditate for ten minutes to bring my energy levels down. Because after a performance like that, if I didn’t, I would end up going to bed really late because my adrenalin would be really high. So I like to take a few moments before and after the show to clear my mind and relax.  

Who is your role model? 

Actor-wise, it is probably Robin Williams, especially those childhood films like Mrs Doubtfire and Jumanji. I loved his positivity as a person on film. He was obviously dealing with his own struggles, but I loved how he made me and others feel through his roles. He defined a lot of people’s childhoods. 

How excited are you to come to Norfolk? 

Really excited! I have never been to Norfolk or Norwich before, and I am really excited to experience life there. Everyone I have spoken to has said Norwich at Christmas is a fun time. Pantomimes, in general, are always so fun, so it is going to be incredible. 

What is your perfect day? 

Eight hours of sleep is number one. Get up and have a nice breakfast. If I have the day off, I would go for a run or go to the gym. I love an afternoon nap, so that would be on the list. In the evening, meet up with friends, go to the cinema or something, and do not go to bed too late.  

What do you love about panto? 

It is great live! I love the school performance because they are always the most energetic; it is crazy how much energy the kids have at that time in the morning. They are a morning show, but they are so up for it, booing the baddie and shouting out! It spurs you on. You hear them backstage before you go on. 

If you could play any prince, who would it be and why? 

Prince! As in the musician. Not a prince in the royal sense, but if there is ever a biopic about Prince, I would love to play him. He was such an interesting, unique person, and he was a musical genius.  

Sleeping Beauty is at Norwich Theatre Royal between 9 Dec – 7 Jan. For more information or to book, click the link below or call the Box Office on 01603 630 000.