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All In at Norwich Theatre!

Online booking for performances that are Audio Described, Signed, Captioned and Relaxed is now possible, thanks to the Theatre’s new accessibility scheme. 


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Online booking for performances that are Audio Described, Signed, Captioned and Relaxed is now possible, thanks to the Theatre’s new accessibility scheme. 

Audiences who wanted to watch these specific types of performances used to need to phone or visit the Box Office and explain their need every time. The new scheme, which involves a one-off form to complete, will streamline the process and put the booker in control of how, when, and where they would like to book their seats. The scheme also extends to booking a free essential companion ticket online. 

The form to complete notifies the Box Office of the performance type or types you require. This will be noted as a tag on your account and will open those shows for you to book online if you prefer. Seats are ‘hidden’ from sale to anyone without the tag on their account, to ensure enough are available for those who need. 

Norwich Theatre has partnered with Nimbus Disability, a recognised leading authority on accessible ticketing in the UK, to facilitate the essential companion seats. Nimbus will process the registration for an essential companion, and once verified, will provide a code for you to share with Norwich Theatre. The Box Office team will then tag the account in the same way as those with accessibility needs.  

The team is able to assist with completing the form, either over the phone or in person. Norwich Theatre’s Visitor Services team is also happy to talk to anyone who requires additional support: including showing them around the venues to highlight accessibility and to talk about other available provisions or needs.   

Many will already be aware of the Nimbus £15 Access Card, which is recognised at venues across the UK. Norwich Theatre is also offering a free Norwich Theatre-specific card, and so bookers have these two options when joining the scheme, depending which theatres they like to visit!  

Stephen Crocker, Chief Executive & Creative Director at Norwich Theatre, said “We are committed to making theatre accessible to all and are proud to launch this new scheme under our My Theatre banner, which works to remove barriers to experiencing creativity. This new simple method of providing online booking and essential companion verification will mean more seats available to those who need. And an easier method of booking, although we still enjoy seeing people at our Box Office counter, and are one of few theatres who still operate a counter, so the choice is now yours! 

“We have increased by 76% the number of Access performances we will deliver this year for our audiences. And we are constantly working with visiting companies to ask for more.” 

Not only has the number of shows increased, but Norwich Theatre’s mission is to tell stories about the audiences it represents, including those with access needs. Earlier this year, it held the Deaf Comedy Night and Made in (India) Britain, shows where the performers signed in BSL with English interpretation.  

Coming up, it will hold Audio Described, Signed, Captioned and Relaxed performances of several shows, including The Gruffalo’s Child, The King and I and its pantomime Sleeping Beauty, The Fairy’s Tale. Norwich Theatre Stage Two will host The Whispering Jungle (15 Nov). The show is a multi-sensory theatre production that brings together ASMR and sensory play for young audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities. 

The new scheme is in operation now, and next time you ring or visit to book the team will help you through the process.

Or you can complete the form via the Norwich Theatre website here.

If Norwich Theatre can help with any further information, please call the Box Office on 01603 630 000. 


How do I apply for online booking for access performances? 

You can apply for online booking using this form.   

The form will ask for your details and access requirements.  

Where is my information used? 

The Box Office team will use the information supplied in the form to update your account with the relevant information.  

For those requiring Essential Companion, Nimbus Disability will handle all your information securely and safely without needing to send sensitive information to Norwich Theatre.  

Who is Nimbus Disability? 

Nimbus is one of the country’s leading providers of disability-related advice and support to professional organisations and is recognised as a leading authority on accessible ticketing in the UK.  

They are a social enterprise scheme set up in 2006 by disabled people for disabled people.   

Do I need to pay £15 for my free Essential Companion? 

There are two options through Nimbus Disability  

  1. Free registration. This only applies to Norwich Theatre venues.  
  1. £15 Access Card. The full card provides you with the same benefits as the free registration, as well as:  
  • Recognised at venues across the UK & beyond (not just Norwich Theatre)  
  • Potential free companion tickets at events and venues across the UK  
  • Receive a Photo ID card with symbols relating to accessibility needs  
  • Informative online access directory  
  • Access to a closed Facebook Community Group 

Where can I find more information about The Access Card? 

You can find more information here: 

Can I still book access performances through the Box Office? 

Yes, of course. You can contact the Box Office on 01603 630 000 or visit Norwich Theatre Royal or Norwich Theatre Playhouse to talk to a team member.  

Can someone else book an access performance for me? 

Yes, you can nominate someone as your booker. This will be noted on the details of your account.  

I am unable to complete the forms. What can I do? 

For those unable to complete the forms online, the Box Office team is happy to assist, or you can call Nimbus on 0330 808 5108, who can help with telephone registration.