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Creating Kindness with Norwich Theatre and Norfolk and Waveney Mind 

We are celebrating Norfolk Creativity and Wellbeing Week with two brand new workshops to take part in!


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Next week it is Norfolk Creativity and Wellbeing Week (20 – 26 May) and we have teamed up with Norfolk and Waveney Mind, for two brand new workshops. These activities are part of our new Creative Matters season, Kindness Through Creativity. 

Creative Matters:Kindness through Creativity is a year-long season to explore how creativity and the arts can inspire change, tell unheard stories, build compassion and create a fairer and kinder society.  

These workshops use creativity to develop self-compassion and kindness. “Kindness is often seen as what we can do for others. It is easy to forget to be kind to ourselves. But to truly have a kinder society, we also need to look after ourselves,” said Sam Dawson, Head of Creative Engagement at Norwich Theatre. 

When we treat ourselves with kindness and gratitude, research shows that mindfulness-based compassion living skills can reduce depressive symptoms in people with chronic or recurrent depression. “Self-compassion involves learning how to be kind, gentle, and patient toward ourselves when things in our lives get tricky,” added Sam. 

 “Kindness is a chain reaction, and being kind to ourselves can make our world a better place. By fostering compassion for ourselves, we are more readily able to feel it for other people, meaning our kinder, calmer, more empathic approach can radiate outwards.” 

The two workshops are part of a series of thought-provoking sessions that help participants develop their self-compassion toolkit, explore kindness, and learn how to use the tools in their daily lives.   

Radical Acts of Kindfulness (23 May) will explore how to bring powerful mindfulness and self-compassion skills into our everyday lives in simple and unexpected ways. The expert practitioner from Norfolk and Waveney Mind will guide the session, asking questions such as: How can we stop being so hard on ourselves and others? Can we tame our inner critic? How can we learn to ‘befriend ourselves’ for better well-being and peace of mind? 

The Shambhala Warrior Prophecy (21 May) is a thousand-year-old Tibetan Buddhist prophecy that tells of the rising of regular people who wish to bring about great change and healing through the powers of compassion and insight. Practitioner Jenny Haycocks will lead an accessible workshop exploring the prophecy and its teachings for modern times. 

No experience is needed to take part in either workshop, and they are suitable for all adults who want to explore self-compassion and mindfulness.