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Explore more for less at Stage Two 

We have an exciting list of upcoming shows at Stage Two, from eerie horrors to opera shows for kids!


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Here are the latest shows coming to Stage Two, our studio venue, which offers a world of creativity and storytelling. 

Alison Spittle: Soup| 24 Feb 

Don’t doubt Alison’s enthusiasm for soup! It is at such a level that she was invited to join a WhatsApp group devoted to the subject (she is frustrated that it isn’t called WhatSoup, but there’s nothing we can do about that). 

The show also touches upon her balcony/refuge, where she cultivates fruit and vegetables with mixed results. The industry of ‘self-care’, the scam of face masks, and the misery of hen parties come under her sweet-but-vicious spotlight. 

Why we recommend it: Few comics combine the innocuous with the psychologically probing quite as distinctively as this joyous, unusual performer. 

James Gardner: Born in a Wheelchair | 2 Mar 

A hilarious and heartwarming account of love, laughter, and ludicrous experiences with disability, in which James recounts family life growing up with a disabled brother.  

Why we recommend it: With 18 million views online, James is most definitely one to watch. The show is full of funny moments that verge on the absurd, and it has a very important message about brotherhood and living with a disability. 

Musclebound | 9 Mar 

A one woman show by feminist powerhouse, Rosy Carrick will examine our most shameful sexual secrets.  

At the age of five, Rosy, was watching live action films featuring characters like He-Man and Conan the Barbarian being stripped, beaten and humiliated by their male antagonists. This sparked an odyssey of secret obsession that would shape her erotic life forever. Now with a string of disappointing relationships behind her and sharing relationship advice with her teenage daughter, Rosy is forced to confront the niggling suspicion that something about her sexual past has never felt quite right. 

Why we recommend it: A funny and reflective retelling of her journey of self-discovery and sexual expression. At its core, it is an important conversation about the shame that continues to surround female desire. 

The Great Stink | 10 Mar 

A hilarious, fun-filled family show about poo… lots of it! Set on the banks of the River Thames in Victorian London and brought to life by singers, musicians and puppets, The Great Stink uses the power of opera to raise important questions about how we dispose of sewage today and how we can better respect the natural world. 

Why we recommend it: An opera about poo. Do we have to say more? It is a great and captivating introduction to opera from English Touring Opera. 

The Land of Lost Content| 16 Mar 

An empowering, autobiographical spoken word theatre show exploring what it means to grow up in a small country town. Henry and Jake grew up with their mates in Dulowl. Then Henry moved away. Now he’s back, but there’s no enjoying a welcome-home-pint without facing up to the memories he left behind. 

Why we recommend it: Nostalgic with a dash of bleakness, the lyrical storytelling will have you captivated. 

Nel’s Place | 22 – 23 Mar   

Nel’s Place examines what material things really mean to us and how easily we can become buried by the past. Trapped in a hoard of memories and music, Nel yearns to make space for granddaughter Molly’s 16th birthday celebrations. Can Nel find a way through grief to let her family in? 

Why we recommend it: The first ever show from Norwich Theatre’s new membership of REWRITES, a national partnership platforming new musicals in development. You can be a part of something special and see a new musical at the start of its journey. 

Grubby Little Mitts: Hello, Hi | 29 Mar 

Award winning sketch duo Grubby Little Mitts bring slapstick and sitcom in this biting hour of sketch at breakneck speed.  

Why we recommend it: Cult sketch group Grubby Little Mitts have been labelled “The White Stripes of comedy” (Reviews Hub). Don’t miss their first ever show in Norwich.  

In the Dead of Night | 5 Apr 

Lily’s wild imagination conjures up fantastical monsters from the strange noises she hears in the middle of the night. The show brings to life Arthur McBain’s spooky and heartfelt story through original songs, puppetry, and a dash of silliness. 

Why we recommend it: A perfect show for kids, a fantastical journey of thrills, monsters, and mayhem from the makers of One Duck Down. 

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland | 13 Apr 

Head down the rabbit hole into a timeless world of wondrous fantasy—Carroll’s Wonderland floods onto the stage in a whirl of strange contraptions and curious characters. No matter how young or old, everyone will find their moment of magic in Wonderland and make it safely home again. 

Why we recommend it: A vividly creative show full of puppets that is an absolute delight to watch. 

Casting the Runes | 13 Apr 

Expert on the so-called supernatural, Edward Dunning is a scholar and a sceptic. But when he crosses paths with the mysterious Mr. Karswell, Dunning’s life becomes a waking nightmare. An adaptation of M.R. James’ classic supernatural thriller featuring just two performers, unique puppets and a haunting soundtrack. 

Why we recommend it: Eerie and gothic. This is perfect for those who love ghost stories, the supernatural or horror. Be warned, you might not want to come alone! 

Rotten | 20 Apr 

Uncovering the plots and schemes that go on behind closed doors, Rotten is a darkly comical thriller that sees a diabolical plan spiral into anarchy.  

Three young regional actresses, Saoirse, Coco, and Sonia, are struggling to survive in London. When the girls spot the newly engaged Iris in a compromising position with a woman, they decide to film it. They are later persuaded by Sonia’s on-again-off-again drug dealer boyfriend, Ross, to blackmail Iris. But their scheming soon spirals into complete anarchy. 

Why we recommend it: Betrayal, double-crossings, and romance interwoven among a group of antiheros struggling to make ends meet. 

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