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Exploring Topical Issues at Norwich Theatre

Norwich Theatre is hosting a vast array of shows that explore topical issues from migration, grief, women’s safety and the climate crisis.


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The role of theatre is to bring people together, to listen and share stories, to learn, to be challenged and be inspired. Theatre provides a place to explore issues that mean the most. It gives us the freedom to ask difficult questions, make us feel heard and has the power to affect social change.  

At Norwich Theatre, we have a vast array of shows that explore topical issues from migration, grief, women’s safety and the climate crisis. Experiencing these stories as part of an audience is a safe space to be immersed in the issue, walk in someone else’s shoes and explore their thoughts.  

Good Grief (23 Feb) at Norwich Theatre Playhouse uses physical comedy to fulfil a dying man’s wish for his friends to create a show about death. The show is a healing process, celebration, and funeral all rolled into one. Using outrageous clowning, personal testimony and a thumping techno soundtrack, it explores how we perceive and process death. 

Gecko’s new show Kin at Norwich Theatre Royal (14 – 16 Mar) presents a provocative story of desperation and compassion, inspired by the epic journey from Yemen to Palestine that Artistic Director Amit Lahav’s grandmother, Leah made with her family in 1932 to escape persecution. The ensemble of international performers brings their own experiences of migration, racism, empathy and home to this poetically intoxicating performance. 

Bringing attention to women’s safety whilst walking is The Idea is to Keep You Inside at Norwich Theatre Stage Two (23 – 26 Feb). This meditative audio walk exposes the audience to the current debate on women’s safety in public spaces. 

The Beekeeper of Aleppo at Norwich Theatre Royal (9 – 13 May) is a play based on the bestselling book, that follows beekeeper Nuri and his wife’s terrifying journey as they are forced to escape due to war. This compassionate and beautiful play is a story of connection – between friends, families and strangers. 

Anders Lustgarten’s new play The City and the Town at Norwich Theatre Playhouse (10 – 11 Mar) is a gritty, thought-provoking and surprisingly funny political piece of theatre that brings a fresh perspective to some of the political divides and problems facing our country today. 

At Norwich Theatre Stage Two, How to be a Better Human (1 Apr) finds the light and humour in death and divorce, exploring how we can lose everything and find the strength to rebuild.  

5 Years at Norwich Theatre Stage Two (2 – 3 Jun) looks at body issues asking the question, would you exchange five years of your life for the perfect body?

Norwich Theatre’s year-long season Creative Matters explores the most pressing issue of our time and our collective future, the climate crisis. Creative Matters: Climate Stories harnesses the power of creativity and storytelling to present different perspectives on the climate crisis from a wide range of voices. As a part of this season, you can go on a journey with climate warriors in Shewolves at Norwich Theatre Playhouse (22 May), get involved in the conversation with Theatre Conversations Norwich Theatre Playhouse (28 Mar) or see a climate change opera, The Wish Gatherer Norwich Theatre Stage Two (29 May) from the English Touring Opera. 

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