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Get science-y with Us!

We are super excited that Norwich Science Festival is heading to town, here’s a range of amazing shows that we are hosting for them!


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At Norwich Theatre, we are super excited that the Norwich Science Festival is coming into town between 17 and 24 Feb. The festival is a celebration of all things science and technology and showcases some of our city’s great work. 

This year, we are a part of this great festival, hosting some fabulous shows with everything from songs about dinosaurs, a play developed with UCL Neuroscience and the Alzheimer’s Society, a TED talking juggler and a CBBC Operation Ouch presenter. You would be a boron to miss these! 

Breathe | 17 Feb | Stage Two | Age 5+ 

Experience the remarkable odyssey of an acorn as it embarks on an extraordinary journey through the bustling forest floor, the vibrant underworld teeming with life, and the breathtaking heights of frost-covered branches. This captivating tale is brought to life through the art of puppetry, live camera work, and ethereal folk songs performed live. 

Maddie’s Wildlife Rangers | 17 Feb | Royal | Age 6+ 

Become a wildlife ranger with BAFTA award-winning presenter, author, and YouTuber Maddie Moate. Young rangers will discover the importance of keeping our environment clean, learn the art of animal tracking, test their wildlife knowledge in a curious quiz, and experience the thrill of an  animal rescue mission! 

Dr Daniel Olaiya’s Scientific Space Adventure | 18 Feb | Playhouse | Age 8+ 

Get your spacesuits on and join CBBC’s Operation Ouch! presenter Dr. Daniel Olaiya as he takes you on an awe-inspiring journey to discover the effects of space travel on the human body. Step into a world where medicine meets the cosmos for a show that combines cutting-edge technology, big experiments, and the wonder of space exploration. 

The Great Big Dinosaur Show | 20 Feb | Stage Two | Age 3+ 

Expect some spine-tinglingly funny scares and get your groove on to some Jurassic Classics in this show all about dinosaurs. This family show is full of poems, raps and songs about all your favourite prehistoric protagonists (and some you haven’t heard of yet!). 

The Nature of Forgetting | 20 Feb | Playhouse | Age 8+ 

An explosive, powerful and joyous piece about what is left when memory is gone. Developed with UCL Neuroscience Professor Kate Jeffery and the Alzheimer’s Society, The Nature of Forgetting is a life-affirming journey into a weakening mind, where broken does not have to mean defeated. 

The Science of Jurassic World with Jon Chase | 22 Feb | Playhouse| Age 8+ 

Join author, presenter and science communicator Jon Chase for an entertaining expedition into Jurassic World! In this family show, you’ll dive deep into the science behind the much-loved movie franchise that sees geneticists resurrect dinosaurs and uncover the facts behind the films. 

What Does Stuff Do? | 23 Feb | Stage Two | 12+ 

Featuring liquid manipulation, performance ping pong, and a motivational speech delivered by a man in swimming trunks, this eccentric renegade philosophy lecture flourishes into an astounding circo-odyssey. 

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The Great Big Dinosaur Show

The Nature of Forgetting

What Does Stuff Do?