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Joe Tracini's Speech in Sleeping Beauty, The Fairy's Tale

Now that Sleeping Beauty has come to a close, we are beyond delighted to see all the positive comments about the show.


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We are particularly touched that so many of you resonated with Joe’s final speech as the Good Fairy. We have provided the transcript of the speech below for those of you who have requested it.

“When I first started telling tales, I realised that people only really told stories at bedtime, but I think that’s a waste. You should tell stories in the morning in case you need a bit of help getting up. A long time ago I didn’t feel like I was enough, some people told me that I didn’t belong at home and that made me feel worse. Some days I didn’t even get out of bed, it was like getting up with some sort of curse. But I was comparing me to the rest of the world and that’s massive. It doesn’t matter how much good I give, I’m always going to be smaller than earth. Look, I’m going to tell you all a secret, but once I’ve told you, that is that, you’ll never see life the same again and you can never get life back.

All our hearts are good and bad, and they keep fighting every day.

The beat we feel inside, one wins, one goes away.

We hope that it’s the good that wins, but sometimes it’s the bad.

But either way, each day starts again, and another go is had.

When waking up doesn’t feel worth it, somebody somewhere always cares.

We can all add good to someone’s world just by being there.

All the things that make life special, all the colours, sounds and tastes.

They’d all lose the touch of magic if your goodness went to waste.

Hope is more than wishful thinking but it’s less than certain sight.

Hope is knowing behind darkness life is always hiding light.

Hope is never a decision; you don’t choose the hope you lose.

But if you’re here you’re never hopeless because hope beats the hearts we use.

All that anybody wants is to be seen and loved and heard.

Before you go, I hope you know, true love is something you deserve.

So, goodnight until tomorrow, and never forget what I have said That someone’s world always gets brighter, because you get out of bed.”