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Movement that resonates with audiences | Boy's Movement Company

We spoke to Ben Nash, the Lead Practitioner from Boy’s Movement Company, about the Boys Movement sessions we are hosting and what they will explore.


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Norwich Theatre is launching a Boy’s Movement Company, a bold and diverse in-house company. The company will explore wide-ranging styles of dance, choreography and movement from around the world – directly influenced and inspired by our on stage programme of world-class dancers and choreographers.  

We sat down with Lead Practitioner Ben Nash about the company, what they will explore and the benefits of dance for overall wellbeing.   

Tell me a bit about you and what you do. 

Hey there, I’m Ben, and my journey into dance and movement has been quite an adventure! It all began with a youthful spirit filled with a thirst for excitement and an appetite for challenges. I was that kid in the group who constantly sought thrills, whether it was attempting daring flips off swings. And, of course, there was my ever-present companion, MTV, on repeat, which added its groove to my growing fascination with movement and rhythm.  

I’ll be honest; dance didn’t come naturally to me at first. I had to put in the work and dedication to catch up with my peers. But that challenge only fuelled my determination.

My journey in dance has included some incredible performance experiences. I’ve danced in various productions, from Joe Farr’s ‘Post Bloc’ to AKASE’s ‘Rust,’ and even appeared in a recent Mini Rig advertisement. I’ve had the honour of gracing the Glastonbury Festival dance stage and being part of the Breaking Convention.  

Beyond performing, I’ve also embraced teaching and choreography. I ran Ben Nash Dance while living in Bristol, teaching movement at Traveling Light Youth Theatre, Bristol School of Acting, and Cheltenham Youth Theatre. I’ve served as a movement director for productions at the Bristol School of Acting and Shambala Festival.  

What are the benefits of dance? 

The benefits of dance extend far beyond the dance studio. It’s a holistic journey that shapes your character, boosts your confidence, nurtures your creativity, and strengthens your body.   

So, whether you’re twirling in a ballroom, breaking on the streets, or waltzing through life, dance offers a multitude of rewards.  

What movement will you be exploring?  

Our movement exploration is poised to be an exhilarating journey, drawing inspiration from renowned creative processes, such as those of Gecko and Frantic Assembly.   

Here’s a glimpse into the movement styles and techniques we’ll be immersing ourselves in:  

  • Contemporary dance styles – Dance improvisation, interpretative dance, Graham Technique, B-boying (breakdance)  
  • Animal movement  
  • LABAN movement analysis  
  • Influences from our vision  

Our goal is to create a diverse and captivating movement palette that resonates with audiences on a visceral level.  

Do I need experience to join the Boy’s Movement Company? 

At the Boy’s Movement Company, we value the qualities that go beyond experience. We believe that passion, openness, and a genuine willingness to explore new creative avenues are the most important attributes for anyone interested in joining our team.  

You don’t need prior experience in dance or performance to be a part of our community. We’re all about growth and teamwork. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a complete novice, as long as you’re enthusiastic about learning, evolving, and being an active member of our creative family, you’re more than welcome to join us.  

If you’re ready to be part of a dynamic team and ready to dive into the world of movement and performance, then you’re exactly the kind of person we’re looking for!  

What will the environment be like? What will the boys explore? 

We’re committed to fostering a safe and nurturing environment that encourages creativity and personal growth. It’s a place where we explore, learn, and create together all while nurturing our artistic passions and potential.  

You can expect:  

  • Safety and Support: First and foremost, our environment is a safe space for everyone involved.   
  • Collective Growth: We’re all about growing together as a team. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a newcomer, we support each other’s journeys, celebrate successes, and learn from challenges.  
  • Professionalism: While we value creativity and experimentation, we also uphold professional standards and goals.   
  • Exploration of Themes: Our exploration is driven by themes that intrigue and resonate with us. These themes serve as our creative compass, guiding us as we craft performances that are meaningful and thought-provoking.  
  • Creative Processes: We draw from the processes we’ve learned, embracing a diverse range of techniques and styles.   
  • Unlimited Possibilities: With an open mindset, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Each project is an opportunity to discover new dimensions of movement and expression.  

How does dance tell a story? 

Dance is a powerful medium for storytelling, and at the Boy’s Movement Company, we’re dedicated to unravelling its narrative potential.  

In essence, dance becomes a dynamic and multifaceted storyteller in our hands. It enables us to convey narratives through movement, character portrayal, and the interplay of words and motion. By exploring the nuances of movement and its relationship with storytelling, we unlock the true potential of dance as a captivating and evocative form of artistic expression.  

If you are interested in The Boy’s Movement Company, we are holding taster sessions on 25 Oct (ages 11-15) and 26 Oct (ages 16-18). Sessions are £5. Also, don’t miss the free taster session with Ailey 2 on 7 Oct.   

For more information or to book, see below or call the Box Office on 01603 630 000.  

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