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Music students from Norwich School to perform live alongside international artists at Norwich Theatre Playhouse

Music students from Norwich School are set to perform alongside Addictive TV at Norwich Theatre Playhouse!


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Norwich School students will perform live alongside international artists at Norwich Theatre Playhouse on Fri 2 Feb, combining world instruments with pioneering audio/visual sampling in an AV spectacle.   

Orchestra of Samples is the innovative show from artists Addictive TV, who sample field recordings of musicians they filmed around the world and combine them with instruments played live on the night. 

Frontman Graham Daniels explains: “While touring, we took extra equipment to every gig, filming local musicians improvising on all manner of instruments. Then, like doing a giant jigsaw puzzle, we look for samples that fit together, taking the instruments to a musical place they weren’t before.” 

Addictive TV currently have a two-week residency at Norwich School, working with 30 students on new arrangements. Instruments played by the students include a French horn, harp, violin, percussion and a veena – an old traditional Indian instrument that pre-dates the sitar – alongside a 20-piece children’s choir. With sampled musicians on screen and the students on stage, the one-off performance will be live at Norwich Theatre Playhouse on Fri 2 Feb.  

Speaking about the opportunity, Caroline Speca, Head of Making Musicians, at Norwich School, said: “The chance to study, record and perform with international artists will be an experience that those taking part will truly value. Having an awareness and appreciation of world music forms should be a fundamental part of being a musician nowadays. The opportunity certainly encourages our pupils to start that learning and to begin looking beyond their own culture with a positive curiosity.” 

February’s concert is presented by Norwich-based cultural arts organisation Music Worldwide.Gary Newland CEO and Artistic Director of Music Worldwide, said: “It is a real treat working with Addictive TV on this project, and with the highly talented students from Norwich School, audiences will be spell-bound!” 

Known for their pioneering use of audio/visual sampling, Addictive TV has created alternative trailers for a number of Hollywood studios and performed their innovative shows in over a staggering 50 countries. 

Orchestra of Samples was described as “beautiful stuff and a fascinating project” by Cerys Matthews on her BBC Radio 6 show and “ingenious and compelling” by The Times. 

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Addictive TV: Orchestra of Samples