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Norwich Theatre partners with Matthew Bourne’s ambitious dance project

Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures has developed Swan Lake Take Flight, an ambitious dance project which seeks to reach over 2,500 young people in the UK!


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Matthew Bourne’s groundbreaking production Swan Lake caused a sensation when it premiered almost 30 years ago and has since become the most successful dance theatre production of all time. In celebration of that ongoing impact, Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake will take flight once more in this major revival, as the next generation of dancers brings it to new audiences across the UK. 

To coincide with this 30th anniversary tour of Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, New Adventures has developed Swan Lake Take Flight, an ambitious dance project which seeks to reach over 2,500 young people in the UK. The activities that make up this project, which include regional dance-artist training and employment, school and community movement workshops and in-theatre experience days, are inspired by Swan Lake and will engage young people who may or may not have ever experienced dance before.  

Matthew Bourne said today, “It’s hard to believe that our Swan Lake is now 30 years old and even harder to acknowledge that we are now casting most Swans and Princesses who were not even born at the time of the show’s premiere! Many dancers have grown up with this production and dreaming of one day dancing in it, so I am particularly excited to announce this line-up of young performers. 

“Many of these dancers have been nurtured through our many talent development programmes at New Adventures, notably Swan School. I know from experience what a life changing experience this show has been for previous casts and how it has inspired new audiences for dance throughout the world. I am therefore truly thrilled to welcome the next generation of swans and swan watchers as we celebrate three decades of our Swan Lake.” 

The activities will focus on how connecting, creating, and moving together can improve wellbeing. Furthermore, through a pioneering research partnership with The Centre for Health and Wellbeing across the Lifecourse at Brunel University London, New Adventures will identify the conditions and mechanisms by which Swan Lake Take Flight achieves its wellbeing outcomes. 

The project will be delivered with New Adventures’ Placemaking partners, including Mayflower Theatre and MAST Mayflower Studios, Norwich Theatre, the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford, Theatre Royal Plymouth, The Marlowe Canterbury, Theatre Royal Newcastle and Farnham Maltings, as New Adventures aims to support relationships between venues and local community groups and bring new audiences into theatres across the country.  

Etta Murfitt, Associate Artistic Director of New Adventures, said, “Now, more than ever, young people need dance and dance needs young people!  Just as our production of Swan Lake embraces the next generation, Swan Lake Take Flight will get today’s generation of children and young people moving and excited about dance and validate the impact of dance on wellbeing to support the future of our industry and generations to come. I could not be prouder of this pioneering programme and look forward to working with our venue partners throughout the UK to make it a success.”