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Norwich Theatre thanks its volunteers

This June, we celebrate volunteers and the amazing contribution they make to our communities across the UK during Volunteer’s Week.


  • Norwich Theatre News

This June, we celebrate volunteers and the amazing contribution they make to our communities across the UK during Volunteer’s Week. The celebration starts on the first Monday in June every year, and it is a chance to recognise, celebrate and thank the UK’s incredible volunteers. 

Norwich Theatre, a registered charity, is powered by a dedicated team of around 160 volunteers who serve in diverse roles across its three venues. Each volunteer brings a unique contribution to Norwich Theatre.  James MacDonald, Head of Visitors Services at Norwich Theatre, said: “Our volunteers are the backbone of Norwich Theatre, ensuring our customers have an incredible theatre experience.” 

On any given show day at Norwich Theatre Royal, you’ll encounter 16 volunteers manning the eight auditorium doors. At Norwich Theatre Playhouse, six volunteers are present at each performance. James explains, “Our volunteer stewards are more than just ticket-checkers. They are the warm, welcoming face of the Theatre, assisting guests with access needs and escorting them to their seats. They ensure a seamless experience and are there to answer any questions from our audience members.” 

Last year alone, the Norwich Theatre volunteers gave up 21,800 hours of their time to support the smooth running of the theatre. With one person donating 121 hours of their time.  

They work on more than just performance; they support Norwich Theatre’s take-part activities and help with access performances. “They guide guests on touch tours, hand out audio loops, and assist their use for audio described performances. During our relaxed performances, they look after our chill-out zones,” added James. 

Norwich Theatre’s biggest day of the year is its annual Open Day. “Last year, 51 stewards volunteered to help with Open Day, either leading tours, holding static positions front of house and backstage to answer questions, or showing off the archive with our volunteer archivist,” comments James. 

It is not all work and no play for our team, with them fully embracing the shows on the stage and dressing up in fancy dress at any moment, including fairy wings, Dorothy’s red shoes, and even ogres!  

Being a member of the Norwich Theatre team means a lot to volunteers. “It’s a lifeline”, being at the theatre, said Maria, especially after the pandemic. The theatre is an “important part of Norwich”, said volunteer Paul, “I would recommend it to anybody.” “When I retired seven or eight years ago, it gave me the opportunity to give something back.” 

 ”It is a great privilege to work alongside this amazing team of volunteers who all give their time so selflessly. During this volunteer week, we would like to extend a massive thank you,” said James.