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Norwich Theatre’s New Year, New You

Norwich Theatre are encouraging you to try something new this year, from creative community activities to trying out new shows.


  • Norwich Theatre News

As 2023 begins, Norwich Theatre is encouraging us to try something new this year, whether that’s watching a new genre or even taking part yourself. With a sensational line-up of shows and activities recently being announced, there’s something for everyone.  

Considering the new year ahead, Sam Dawson, Head of Creative Engagement at Norwich Theatre, said: “Many often consider the new year as an opportunity to try new things and push their boundaries. Our Take Part activities hone into the importance of creativity and sharing lived experience with one another. Creativity plays a vital role in mental wellbeing, with the arts often being  used to express feelings that are hard to fathom into thoughts or words. This coming year we encourage people to build their confidence and enhance their creativity by trying something outside of their comfort zone!” 

Norwich Theatre has a range of creative activities to try. Unwind with Words (12 January – 9 February) and Writing Through Motherhood (22 February – 22 March) present the opportunity to express yourself creatively through writing. For budding creatives aged 18 – 25, Theatre Makers: Next Generation (18 Jan – 29 March) explores ensemble work, focussing on social inclusion and finding your creative voice. To bring communities together and sharing ideas, Norwich Theatre Royal runs monthly Creative Café sessions for over 65s, initially running 9 – 23 January. Similarly, bring all generations of the family together at Norwich Theatre Royal for Family Choir, with sessions on between 21 January – 4 March, perfect for those who love an energetic sing song. 

We are welcoming remarkable shows this  year,” added Sam, “from critically acclaimed dramas to avant-garde dance. So if you’d rather sit back and watch, why not try something new this year, with a genre or show you haven’t tried before? It might lead to a whole new area of theatre to enjoy!  

For those wanting to start 2023 with a healthy mindset, catch psychologist Damian Hughes and  sports broadcaster, Jake Humphrey, in High Performance Live, heading to Norwich Theatre Royal on 5 February. For those who have made their resolution to try something new, Darkfield: Euology is the perfect opportunity to experience a truly unique theatre experience. Taking place in a pitch-black shipping container at The Forum from 15 – 26 March, the audience is immersed into an interactive world using sound and speech recognition to deceive the senses and transport you to an eerie hotel. Or for a more musical start of the year, Sister Act (10 – 14 January) at Norwich Theatre Royal, is a sensational sequined show that is bound to uplift your mood and get your toes tapping.   

Enter new year with a smile with Lucy Porter: Wake-Up Call (26 January), a perfect mix of comedy and wisdom, helping 2023 get off to a positive start. Netflix comedy star, Catherine Cohen, will also be heading to Norwich Theatre Playhouse on 1 February with her glamorous musical exploration of what it means to enter your thirties.  

For a sweet family day out, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Musical is at Norwich Theatre Royal 19 – 29 April. For an interactive family experience, The Mighty Kids Beatbox Show is visiting Norwich Theatre Playhouse on 16 February, offering the little ones an opportunity for silliness and musical fun. For children with an inkling for the spookier stories, The Noise Next Door: Mysterious Mansion of Mystery (6 April) will also be visiting Norwich Theatre Playhouse, mixing comedy with mystery to create an hour of silly, spooky fun. Norwich Theatre Stage Two is also welcoming unique children’s shows, from following the adventures of Mole and Ratty in a beautiful puppetry production of Wind in the Willows, to discovering the wild travels of Gulliver for the older children, both showing on 4 April