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Pay in Instalments

We know that money is tight for many at the moment, and we don’t want theatre to be something that our community cannot afford, that is why we are delighted to launch Pay in Instalments, helping you pay for your tickets. We trialled this with our pantomime, Sleeping Beauty, and based on the feedback we got from you, we are rolling Pay in Instalments out across all of our shows and activities!  (minimum spend of £30).

We wanted to make the process as easy as possible for our customers. Our website doesn’t quite have the capability to offer pay in instalments automatically yet, so our system is a little different, but it is as easy as A…B…C!


How does it work?

Purple letter A - Complete the form/ Call the box office or visit our box office and let us know which performance(s) you want to see Purple letter B - The box office will send you a link to follow to make payment. Tell us the total value of the order (we will email it to you) and head to your basket Purple letter C - Complete your payment with our provider, they will let us know you’ve arranged your pay in instalments, and we will send you your tickets!

Tell us about the performance you want to book…


What if the show is tomorrow?

No worries! Once you have made your first payment and set up your agreement for the remaining two payments, we release your tickets. The agreement with Pay in Instalments will run from the date of purchase, so you can watch the show and pay for the tickets later! Please note that to use Pay in Instalments for shows the same day, we can only do this in person at the box office, as with a normal on the day ticket purchases.

Will Pay in Instalments affect my credit score? 

The financial agreement is with the Pay in Instalments provider and not Norwich Theatre. They may perform a soft credit check when setting up the payments, but it shouldn’t affect your credit score. All details and conditions can be found on the website of the provider

Can I use this on anything? 

Any performance is eligible for Pay in Instalments. The value of the product must be between £30 and £2000

What if I miss a payment?

We would never advise customers to buy anything that would be unaffordable, once you have purchased your tickets, the financial arrangement is with the payment provider and not Norwich Theatre, so it is important that you fully understand the terms and conditions and potential impact of not keeping up with payments. All terms, conditions and details about Pay in Instalments can be found on the website of the provider.

Can I pay part of the payment in full and split the remainder in 3? 

You can. To do this you will need to call the box office, or visit them at the counter. They will need to take a payment and apply it to your account as credit. We will then send you the Pay in Instalments link for the outstanding balance. Once you’ve set up payments we will send your tickets. This would work the same as if you want to use a gift card balance and split the remainder into 3 payments.

What happens once I have submitted the Pay in Instalments form?

As soon as we can action your reservation you will receive an email stating the seats we have reserved for you, the amount owed and a payment link. If you are not happy with the seats or the amount seems wrong, please contact the box office BEFORE making payment. The amount owed shown will include the £3.50 transaction fee (where applicable), it will also include any Friends discounts and other relevant offers. If the amount seems wrong or you are unsure, please contact the box office ahead of payment.

What if I don't make the initial Pay in Instalments payment? 

Your tickets will sit on your account as a reservation until we receive confirmation that you have paid. If you don’t make the payment, the reservation will be removed and the tickets released.

How long do I have to make the payment? 

Once you have submitted the form/ called us/ visited the box office, we will apply a reservation to your account for the tickets you have asked for. We will send you the link to make the payment on our site, from here you have 48 hours to complete your payment (which will include the first of three instalments), otherwise we will assume you no longer want the tickets and remove the reservation.

What if the performance is selling fast?

Completing the form may take us a little while to get back to you. If you are requesting tickets for a show that is selling fast, you should contact the box office via phone or in person. We cannot guarantee that you will get any seats that you have requested in the form.



Can I Pay in Instalments at any time of the day? 

You can complete the form any time of the day, but because there is a manual element, we can only reserve tickets when the box office is open. If the show is on the day, this will mean you can buy and Pay in Instalments at the counter, but not online or over the phone. When our box office is closed, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How do I know if the link to pay is definitely from Norwich Theatre?

We will only ever contact you from to send you the link for payment. It will include details including the total amount payable and confirmation of the tickets you have asked for. We will never reach out to you first, and if you are unsure if the link is legitimate, please contact the box office who will be able to confirm that we sent the link.


Why is Pay in Instalments not available at the standard checkout? 

The provider we use for ticketing is not in a position to offer Pay in Instalments as an integration. We know that making theatre affordable is an important priority to our audiences so we made the decision to create a way to allow customers to use Pay in Instalments for our panto shows as a starting point. It is not perfect, but it allows us to trial Pay in Instalments and get it up and running while we look for more permanent solutions.


What if I want to take out Secure My Booking protection? 

If wish to take out the booking protection, you can let us know in the form, on the phone or over the counter. We will add this to the reservation.

What if the show is cancelled?

If the show is cancelled, we will refund your tickets as normal. The Pay in Instalments provider will pay off the outstanding balance owed and return anything you have already paid to your bank account, so you won’t lose out. As always the transaction fees will be non-refundable. You will only be refunded what you have already paid.


It doesn't look like I am eligible for Pay in Instalments/ I am not being offered Pay in Instalments

Unfortunately if you are not offered the pay in instalment option, it is a decision that has been taken by our provider. We would encourage you to speak to them if you feel this is an incorrect decision. Unfortunately we will be unable to offer any instalment alternatives in this situation. We do, however, have the MyTheatre scheme available, offering £10 tickets or less for those in the community who are on the lowest incomes.


I have more questions 

No problem. give us a call on 01603 630 000, email us at or pop in and see us and we will do what we can to answer any questions you may have!