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Creative Matters

Creative Matters are a series of creative activities including Workshops, Films, Debates, Q&A’s, Productions, Performances, Exhibitions focusing on important issues which affect people of all ages and backgrounds. The seasons aim to stimulate discussion and make connections through creativity. We want people to feel comfortable listening and talking about topics that might otherwise not be discussed in a safe place.  We welcome those who are experiencing these issues firsthand, as well as those who are interested in finding out more we believe we can support each other.

Since starting the project back in 2017, we have explored different themes in the following seasons:

Gender and Sexual Identity, Sep 17 | Men’s Mental Health, Jan 18 | Caring for Dementia, May 18 | Black British Identity, Oct 18 | Living with Homelessness, Feb 19 | Finding Refuge and Sanctuary, Oct 19 

Loss and Grief   – Autumn 21 to Spring 22

We are delighted to be able to reschedule our original season, Loss & Grief from April 2020, this program will now take place during the Autumn of 2021 and into Spring of 2022 to support our communities as we all continue on our journey’s to recovery.

Every one of us has been touched, directly or indirectly, by loss or grief during the pandemic and this, extended more diverse, program will support individuals to engage on a level that is comfortable for them.

This program is funded by Rosedale Funeral Home whom share our commitment to support our local community in their recovery of loss and grief.  We will launch the revised season this summer at Rosedale’s Cooking For One event. Cooking For One is a collection of recipes and stories written by the bereaved offering wisdom, insight, love and hope.

In the autumn, this will then be followed by a Digital Season providing opportunities to engage in a variety of creative opportunities. In spring 2022 we will be presenting a blended season of in person and digital events, for the much needed opportunity to come together to celebrate life, share memories with friends and families, and offer hope for the future.

Details of both the Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022 seasons will be published here on our website as they become available.