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Creative Matters

What is Creative Matters?

Creative Matters is a season of work, focusing on important issues which affect people of all ages and backgrounds. Each Creative Matters season features a mix of performance, film, exhibitions, workshops and events, which aim to stimulate discussion and make connections through creativity. Since starting the project back in 2017, we have explored different themes in the following seasons:

Gender and Sexual Identity, Sep 17 | Men’s Mental Health, Jan 18 | Caring for Dementia, May 18 | Black British Identity, Oct 18 | Living with Homelessness, Feb 19 | Finding Refuge and Sanctuary, Oct 19 

Loss and Grief   – Autumn 21 to Spring 22

Creative Matters in association with Rosedale Funeral Home

This season follows in the wake of last autumn’s impactful Loss and Grief season, which utilised our Digital Stage to host talks, readings and theatre remotely. We are delighted to now run the season in person across all three of our venues: Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich Theatre Playhouse and Norwich Theatre Stage Two.

This Loss and Grief season will feature a mix of performances, film and workshops, to stimulate discussion and make connections through creativity.


15 Mar 2022


In 2021, we explored personal journeys of loss and grief with a series of digital events including performances, creative writing, workshops and events, which encouraged discussions and helped form connections through creativity.

Glass House Dance worked with professional dancers and community performers to delve into the physical, mental and emotional states we may find ourselves in when faced with grief, loss or bereavement. Interweaving honest and intimate stories of grief through spoken word and movement, The Grief Project opened conversations about the many reasons we may experience this often misunderstood stage of life.

Kat Lister shared her story of becoming a widow age 35, after her husband died of brain cancer. In her quest to come to terms with her grief, Kat turned to the elements – fire, water, earth, air – to make sense of her experience and the physicality of bereavement.

For children, we streamed Paper Aeroplane online. A film developed with children who have shared their experiences of losing loved ones and live-recorded at Half Moon Theatre, music and movement sensitively explored the challenges we face when trying to move on, and how we can help one another along the way.

Grief has a tremendous impact on our overall health and wellbeing, not least by changing our eating habits. The physical and emotional pain can be overwhelming leaving us with little energy and motivation to look after our basic needs, such as eating, drinking or sleeping properly. Cooking for One – Live cook along from Norwich Theatre Royal’s Prelude kitchen featured simple dishes from the Cooking for One book, compiled by Simon Beckett-Allen from Rosedale Funeral Home.

Help and Support

Loss and Grief is a natural process, but for some it can be devastating with the help of Rosedale Funeral Home we have put together a comprehensive list of organisations that can help and support yourself, a loved one or friend.

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Rosedale Funeral Home

Rosedale Funeral Home

Rosedale Funeral Home are an independent, family-run Funeral Directors focusing on the needs of bereaved families in Norfolk and Suffolk.  Rosedale Funeral Home is run by Simon and Anne Beckett-Allen.

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