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There She Goes … There She Goes to Norwich Theatre Playhouse

Nimmo Twins’ character, She Go, heads back to Norwich Theatre Playhouse in Karl Minns’ production of She Go Looks Back from Behind 2022 with Friends.


  • Norwich Theatre News

For the first time in three years, Nimmo Twins’ character She Go heads back to Norwich Theatre Playhouse in She Go Looks Back from Behind at 2022 with Friends 

Between 11 Jan – 22 Jan, this 70-minute show will provide the perfect antidote to the January Blues. Prepare for a lot of naughtiness, double entendre, single entendre, songs, poems and tales of She Go’s rather lurid love life. 

Speaking about the new show, Karl Minns – who plays She Go – said, “If you are bored of sitting and watching Christmas TV come and sit in front of a man wearing a nylon wig and a pink velour tracksuit making filthy jokes about East Anglia. You can’t go wrong! 

“It is a short and sweet show where She Go looks back over the year. She will look at the local Norfolk News in her unique and naughty style.” 

She Go promises to give the events of 2022 a ‘roit gorn oovuh. She will be casting a withering eye over the news at the Council, Norwich City Football Club, the drought and the Beatles coming back into the news. 

Joining the woman of the moment will be some Nimmo Twins characters who will delight the audience with fan-favourite songs and musings. 

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