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Unique Art installation to celebrate Summer of kindness at Norwich Theatre

We are welcoming you to join our drop in sessions to create a unique art installation symbolising the collective impact of kindness!


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As part of Creative Matters: Kindness through Creativity Norwich Theatre welcomes you to join drop in sessions to create a unique art installation symbolising the collective impact of kindness.  

Throughout the summer, Norwich Theatre will be working with local artist, Chris Jackson – who creates precious, elaborate sculptures and installations made using a wide variety of low-tech and re-useable materials – to build a new installation to commemorate the Creative Matters season.  

Speaking about the installation Chris Jackson, said:  “Inspired by the shimmering, shifting forms of bird murmurations and fish shoals, the installation will represent our collective human experiences.   

 “It will feature hundreds of tiny golden, glittering clouds of miniature tokens or ‘votives’ sealed within individual bottles. These intimate, tactile mementoes of daily life reflect the fragile human acts or gestures we choose to share with others, paid forward freely through repeated acts of kindness.” 

The Kindness Installation drop-ins are on 28 May, 22 Jun, 26 Jul and 24 Aug and are completely free. There is no need to book: please pop in and contribute to the growing piece of art. 

Norwich Theatre also announces three new workshops, tailored specifically for women exploring self-compassion. Women’s Stories Taster Sessions (7 Jun, 11 Jul and 10 Aug) explore the process of self-awareness and reflection to understand what ‘being enough’ looks like by using different art forms including drama, spoken word and movement. 

Lucia Fitzpatrick, a GP, and Jo Reil, a Theatre Practitioner, come together for a unique collaboration where they use their unique skills and expertise to provide a safe creative space to empower women. 

Each month, a different creative skill is used to allow women to come together, feel seen and heard, tell their stories, and explore how being authentically kind to ourselves impacts our relationships. 

These workshops and the art installation drop in sessions are part of Creative Matters: Kindness through Creativity season. This season is dedicated to exploring how creativity and the arts can inspire change, amplify unheard stories, foster compassion, and ultimately create a fairer and kinder society.