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“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”


DARKFIELD presents ARCADE: But this isn’t an ordinary arcade and these are not ordinary arcade machines. Every machine offers you the chance to enter the world of the game and choose your own unique journey. As you guide your avatar through a world ravaged by endless war, there are many routes you can take and there are many different outcomes. You can choose a side, win or lose the war, search out a more peaceful route, or join a cult promising a better version of reality. Where will your decisions lead you?

Using the nostalgic aesthetic of 1980’s video games, ARCADE’s interactive narrative explores the evolving relationship between players and avatars. This choose-your-own-path experience will fully immerse players in alternate environments in a completely dark shipping container, using 360 degree binaural sound, sensory effects and a bespoke DARKFIELD ARCADE machine for each player. Players will be asked deep existential questions about free will and consciousness in a world where some may win and some may lose…

DARKFIELD produces innovative immersive experiences at the forefront of technology and theatre – both location based experiences and digital work. DARKFIELD’s work utilises striking sets and shipping containers, binaural 360 degree sound, complete darkness and a variety of sensory effects, where each participant is situated at the centre of intense, evolving narratives. DARKFIELD has toured globally, reaching over 500,000 audiences across the UK, Asia, Australia and Mexico. The experiences have featured in major film festivals including BFI London Film Festival, Venice, IDFA, Tribeca, Raindance, SXSW and in 2021 won Columbia’s Digital Storytelling Lab’s Breakthrough Award in recognition of the year’s most innovative narrative.

Important information

Ticket prices: £12.50

Running time: 30 minutes

Age recommendation: 16+

ARCADE takes place in complete darkness. If you are claustrophobic or scared of the dark, this show may not be suitable for you. ARCADE contains themes of: violence to humans, including children, and animals, death, warfare, explicit language, sexual content. No humans or animals were harmed in the making of ARCADE.



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Arcade will take place in a shipping container outside of the Forum. It will be labelled and signposted accordingly. There will also be Norwich Theatre stewards on hand to support with any questions