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All The World’s a Stage: Norwich Theatre Beyond

Dive into these exciting immersive experiences with Norwich Theatre Beyond, from prison marriages to Victorian séances.


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Here at Norwich Theatre, we take Shakespeare’s iconic line that ‘‘all the world’s a stage’’ quite literally. We are proud to present more Norwich Theatre Beyond experiences, showcasing productions that are not located on one of our three stages. We are excited to welcome our upcoming shows to The Great Hospital and The Forum this season. 

Kiss Marry Kill | 16 – 19 May 

This electrifying story by Dante or Die explores the forbidden and intimate love between two prison inmates. After both committing homophobic murders, the pair incredibly fall in love and seek permission to marry. Based upon a true story, Kiss Marry Kill expertly explores masculinity and LGBT rights in this immersive show. 

Unlike a typical show, the performance takes place around the audience in The Great Hospital in Norwich. With no set stage area, expect to be plunged straight into the grittiness of the story. The large cast, including musicians and those with lived experiences of life in prisons, create an immersive atmosphere with stirring movement and music.  

If you are after a hard-hitting and visceral story of love, hate and redemption, then this is the show for you. 

SÉANCE | 5 – 16 Jun 

If you love thrillers, ghosts and the buzz of adrenaline, you must try DARKFIELD’s SÉANCE. In the darkness of an old shipping container outside The Forum, prepare yourself to be plunged into a Victorian séance room. Over 20 minutes, the show uses 360-degree sound and sensory effects to immerse you in the spine-chilling setting.  

This psychological drama will have you questioning your own mind and senses. In the pitch black of darkness, what will you encounter? Be sure to bring your bravest friends along to this intense experience.  

ARCADE | 5- 16 Jun 

Gamers won’t want to miss this exciting new interactive gaming experience! Slip into the virtual world of retro video games with another of DARKFIELD’s immersive experiences, ARCADE. In another shipping container, you’ll be allocated your very own 1980s arcade machine where you can guide your own avatar through a world ravaged by war. Once again, plunged into darkness, you get to choose your own route through this story.  

Featuring DARKFIELD’s iconic 360-degree binaural sound, sensory effects and over 30 individual endings, be sure to think carefully over your choices and their consequences. Exploring the themes of free will and consciousness, this dark immersive, experience is ideal for the thrill-seekers in your life.  

For more information or to book, visit or call the Box Office on 01603 630 000.  


05 Jun - 16 Jun 2024


05 Jun - 16 Jun 2024