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We value all artists equally. Whether early career or established, whether making work alongside professionals or within communities, every voice deserves to be heard.

Our approach to artist development celebrates individuality, enabling the artist to grow by embarking on a journey with them. As no two artists are the same, no two journeys should be identical. We don’t do short-term encounters. We do long-term relationships. We support, facilitate, collaborate, enable and empower; but the artist is in the driving seat.

At the heart of all our work with artists is a conversation. We challenge ourselves, and challenge artists to build a conversation based on:

Honesty. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver and we don’t give false impressions about an artist’s potential journey with us. We invite artists to share their reality with us.

Exchange. We want to learn from and be inspired by artists. We invite artists to challenge us and each other.

Aspiration. We never start a conversation knowing where it will finish. We love it when artists surrender to the possibility of the unknown. It’s brave, bold and exciting.

Get in Touch

We want to hear from you. Our work is fuelled by passion, but we want it to be shaped by the voices of artists, from every background and every performative art-form.
If you are a professional or professionally-aspiring artist and would like to start a conversation, email