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We don’t think artists should ever have to wait to collaborate with us. We welcome conversations at any time and offer tailored support all year round. Since we want our work to be easily accessible, spark collaborations and achieve maximum impact, we are developing a variety of structured programmes that will roll out over the coming months.

Our programmes will engage a diverse range of artists, offering support and development opportunities for both individuals and companies. Some will be open to all, whilst others will be tailored to artists at different stages of their careers. Our programmes will include:


  • R&D packages, enabling artists and companies to explore and grow ideas.
  • Workshops, enabling artists to learn new skills and discover new interests.
  • Networks & Forums, enabling artists to exchange ideas, develop relationships and influence our work.
  • Mentoring, enabling artists to shape the journey of their development.
  • Artist Surgeries, enabling artists to problem-solve and overcome obstacles in their careers.
  • Showcases, enabling artists to launch their work and engage with audiences.
  • Commissions, enabling artists to turn an idea into reality with the support of Norwich Theatre.

New Work

Right now, one programme we’re running focuses on supporting the next generation of theatre-makers. Created and run in partnership with the University of East Anglia, Incubate is a new work initiative, designed to support the most talented UEA Alumni to develop their professional practice. Through mentoring, R&D and work-in-progress performances, Incubate artists are able to take a new piece of theatre to the next step in its development.

Incubate is just the start of our journey of supporting the development of new work. We are passionate about putting new voices centre-stage, and enabling original stories to be heard.

Watch This Space

New programmes in development include a strand of work called Living as an Artist, which will address the urgent needs of artists today; from the challenges of staying creative in the face of everyday living, to maintaining positive mental health despite these uncertain times. We will be offering advice, support and safe spaces in which artists can share their realities.

If you are an artist who works with community participants or who places communities at the heart of your work, then we will be recognising the vital importance of your work. We have a vision of Norfolk as a leading light for socially-engaged practice, and we hope you will join us in making that vision a reality.


Get in Touch

If you would like to hear more about our current and future programmes, or help us shape our ideas, then you can start a conversation by emailing