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Limbik: All the Water in the World

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Limbik: All the Water in the World


This event has passed.

All the Water in the World is a warm, quirky, one-to-one performance on WhatsApp, experienced from the comfort of your home.

Can a voice message save the rainforest? Who knows… but it just might help Giselle. She’s a little bit bored and a lot alone. So she records the sounds of water around her. They remind her of a big river on the other side of the ocean. A place that evokes… Wait. She needs to tell someone about it, ideally a total stranger… you?

Using a combination of live calls, messaging, and binaural wizardry, award-winning Limbik makes the everyday become extra-ordinary as you listen and connect in a (perhaps) unusual way.

Important information

Ticket prices: £10 - £12

Running time: Approximately 45 Minutes

Age recommendation: 10+

Ticket Prices: £12

U21 – £10

This performance requires the use of WhatsApp, ideally through a smartphone or tablet. If you would like to access the performance but do not have access to a device with WhatsApp, please select the ‘In Person’ ticket type when booking, and we will provide you with a tablet and headphones at Stage Two.

This performance is primarily audio-led and relies on hearing different sounds in each ear. Patrons with hearing impairments may not receive the full experience of the show.

Please note: You will be emailed a phone number to send a WhatsApp message to 24 hours ahead of your show.